MICHAEL AN'GILEO - An American Author

The Cozy Cabin President is a collection of original letters written by Michael An'gileo, while quasi-fictional in nature (set in January of 2024), they will stir the heart and touch the soul of those who believe in a Golden Era for America.

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Michael was born in Kenmore, New York and graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, achieving at the top of his class, following his immense passion for writing, independent filmmaking and teaching English as a Second Language. "My great grandfather was a Sicilian-Italian immigrant, but was born in Florence, Italy ("Firenze"), the birthplace of the 15th Century Renaissance. I'm half Macedonian Greek, a wondrous people spoken of in the Epistles of St. Paul." He spent his USC Sophomore summer abroad, studying language and applied arts in Florence, Italy at a private international academy across from the historic Il Duomo. 

Michael speaks Italian fluently and enjoys Italian cuisine.

"I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. The Gospel message changed my life."

MICHAEL AN'GILEO (Recommended)

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