American author, leader and teacher.

"It's simple.

My goal is to bring Father God to all that I do."


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"The Cozy Cabin President" 
is a collection of original letters, written entirely by Michael An'gileo. 

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Michael An'gileo was born in Kenmore, New York and graduated from the University of Southern California, a 19-year-old visionary in his Cinema class, following his gift and passion for writing, independent filmmaking and bringing the English language to our world, with students from over 40 nations worldwide. 

"My maternal great-grandfather was an ancestral Sicilian, born in Florence, Italy, the flowering birthplace of the 15th Century Renaissance. I'm Macedonian Greek on my father's side, an ancient and enduring people spoken of in the Epistles of St. Paul." 

Michael has worked as a film producer ("Running Mates"), later on "Persistence of Vision," his short film as screenwriter-director, "Michael Vanoff," his birth name; a legal recruiter; a campaign manager for U.S. Congress in California; a CEO of a startup multimedia firm in Los Angeles; an entrepreneur/publisher ("The Media Artisan" in Ashland, Oregon). 

He speaks Italian fluently, has practiced Kenpo Karate since his early twenties and continues to develop the Bluelite movement form (stay posted). Michael is a passionate Christian and attends services at the First Church of the Nazarene in Los Angeles.

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The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella)

Also: "Emblem America" (Paperback)The Bluelite Message (Collector's Edition), numerous screenplays, TV pilots, published articles, editorial contributions.