Los Angeles screenwriter and author, Michael An'gileo, believes in destiny and fashioning ideas through screenwork and books that speak to the human heart, touching the lives of a broad audience. He looks forward to the year ahead. Bold things begin with hunches occasionally, but the force of destiny lies in all of us. 

Search Michael An'gileo and his book titles: Emblem America, The Bluelite Chronicles (Kindle Vella) and The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella) and his unique list of writings and interviews (several online), most recently with Todd  Bishop (Founder of GeekWire) for an exclusive. Michael's screenwriting efforts include, most notably, Persistence of Vision, soon to be joined by a brand-new project in Spring 2022 (actually two). Michael promises, "It's a cliche. But I'll say it. These are the two best scripts I've ever written - by far."

Michael was born "Michael Vanoff" in Kenmore, New York, and graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, performing at the top of his class. He was an honor student in high school and studied Italian and jewelry design/handcraft in Florence, Italy, the ancestral birthplace of his Italian great grandfather; hence, The Renaissance, and the pen name "An'gileo" he took in 2006. Michael has traveled and studied extensively throughout the boot, speaks Italian fluently, and whips up "spaghetti aglio e olio" with a passion (gluten-free these days). Michael's father's family roots derive from Macedonia, in Northern Greece.

Michael is the quintessential Renaissance Man. However, the yearnings of his eternal path will always be his ultimate purpose for existence - the true destiny. "I'm a growing follower of Jesus Christ. I'm actually a very spiritual person. I've learned, over time, the Good Lord imbues every moment with victory, love, and peace. What an amazing journey that's been."


Scripts, Books, other credits include:

The Bluelite Message (Paperback), The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella), The Bluelite Chronicles (Kindle Vella), Emblem America (Paperback), President 2016: The Aquarian Leader (Paperback), Persistence of Vision (Screenplay, Producer and Director), Running Mates (Producer), Cafe Hollywood (Spec-TV pilot), The Media Artisan (Resource Journal - Editor and Publisher); The Spilled Blood (Editorial-Proofreading), history book translated from classical Syriac by Emmanuel J. Solomon for SEYFO / English Teacher: 65+ ESL and creative writing courses; students from 45+ countries worldwide.