Michael An'gileo was born in Kenmore, New York and graduated from the University of Southern California, a 19-year-old visionary in his Cinema production section (ranked at the top of his first-year class), following his gift and passion for writing, independent filmmaking and later, in his 30s, bringing the English language to our world, with students from over 40 nations worldwide, from Kazakhstan to Brazil.

"About my family history, my maternal great-grandfather was an ancestral Sicilian, born in Florence, Italy, the flowering birthplace of the 15th Century Renaissance. I'm Macedonian Greek on my father's side, an ancient and enduring people spoken of in the Epistles of St. Paul." 

Michael has worked as a feature-film producer ("Running Mates," New World Pictures) in Nashville, Tennessee: later in Los Angeles on "Persistence of Vision," his own short-subject, as both Screenwriter and Director, as "Michael Vanoff," his birth name; an attorney recruiter in Century City, California; a Campaign Manager/Chairman for U.S. Congress in California, the 24th District (after conducting his own exploratory campaign); a CEO of a multimedia firm in Los Angeles (introducing Vivo Software, Inc. to Silicon Valley, the first shrink-wrap, streaming video solution in the world); and an entrepreneur/independent publisher as Editor-in-Chief of "The Media Artisan" in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

Michael speaks Italian fluently, has practiced Kenpo Karate since his early twenties and continues to develop the Bluelite movement form (stay posted). He is a dedicated follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, attending services at the First Church of the Nazarene, while being highly grateful and respectful of his Roman Catholic upbringing, which involved years of service as a Latin-speaking altar boy. Michael invites you to read his several books, many of which are available on Kindle Vella. They are highly inspirational.

Enjoy these writings by Michael An'gileo: 

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The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella)

"A Revival Mountain" (Hardcover), "Emblem America" (Paperback), "Godspell BHHS" (Autobiography), "The Bluelite Message" (Novel), numerous screenplays, TV pilots, published articles, editorial contributions.