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Michael An'gileo believes in destiny and fashioning creative ideas through screenwork and stories that speak to the human heart, touching the lives of a broad audience. He looks forward to the months ahead.  

Search Michael An'gileo and his exciting book titles: Godspell BHHS: The Amazing 70s at Beverly Hills High School (Kindle Vella) * New Release *, The Bluelite Chronicles (Kindle Vella) and The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella) and his list of writings and interviews. Michael's recent screenplays include the eschatological piece, The Bending Hearts, about a 12-year-old savant who fashions a phone app to connect the broken-hearted of the world. Joey Rocket is a fully animated comedy, planned to spin off an 80s retro, DC-style comic book series. 

Michael was born in Kenmore, New York (a suburb of Buffalo), and graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, continuing his passion for filmmaking: mini-epics, costume dramas, urban-street films, a ballet piece in Super 8mm B&W, begun at 15. He was an NHS/CSF student in high school and studied Italian and jewelry handcraft and design in Firenze. Michael has traveled throughout the boot, speaks Italian, and whips up "spaghetti aglio e olio" with a zeal. PS: My great grandfather was actually Sicilian ("Michele Vincenzo Giglia"), but was born in Firenze "Florence, Italy," home of the 16th Century Renaissance. I'm half Macedonian Greek, a wondrous people. 

As the nephew of late-Hollywood producer, Nick Vanoff, Michael was taught plenty about "the biz." Check out Wikipedia.

Michael can be called a Renaissance Man. However, the yearnings of his eternal path will always be his ultimate purpose for existence - the true destiny. "I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, all the way. I'm a very spiritual person. I've learned, over time, the Good Lord imbues every moment with absolute victory, love, and peace."


Scripts, Books, other credits include:

Godspell BHHS: The Amazing 70s at Beverly Hills High School (Kindle Vella), The Bluelite Lovers (Kindle Vella), The Bluelite Chronicles (Kindle Vella), Emblem America (Paperback)The Bluelite Message (Paperback), Persistence of Vision: The Preview Reel, aka The Magic Lantern (Screenplay, Producer and Director), Running Mates (Producer), Cafe Hollywood (Spec-TV pilot), The Media Artisan (Resource Journal - Editor and Publisher); The Spilled Blood (Editorial-Proofreading), history book translated from classical Syriac by Emmanuel J. Solomon for SEYFO / English Teacher: 65+ ESL and creative writing courses; students from 45+ countries worldwide.

September 2022