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***** 5-Star Review *****
Mark T

5.0 out of 5 stars Life and lessons in Beverly Hills in the 70’s / Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2022

I actually hate reading books! However, this delightful book, Godspell BHHS: The Amazing 70’s At Beverly Hills High School, from author, Michael An’gileo really gripped my attention. I was completely engaged from the start. This is an extremely well written story based in the glorious 1970’s In Los Angeles that takes us through An’gileo’s navigation through youth at Beverly Hills High School. It is truly a must read!

For those of us who love to reminisce about the magical time of the 1970’s in Los Angeles, this really strikes a chord. From platform shoes to feathered hair to the music and pop culture of the time - it is all there! The story harkens back to a simpler, more innocent time that really resonates with the reader. The author successfully achieves an enjoyable ride that straddles between coming of age, spirituality and the show biz, rock n’ roll and pop culture of the amazing 70’s.

An’gileo is careful not to overindulge in celebrity, typical high school cliches or religion, but effectively weaves elements of each into this journey. As a good book should, it allows the reader to escape to this very special time in all of our lives (and in Los Angeles) and feel as if we are there, while at the same time enabling us to interject our own story through the new and sometimes awkward experience of high school.

I am so glad that I read this book! It is a wonderfully honest, riveting story!

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I've always known that a great story has a powerful destiny. 

There is a tremendous power in destiny. The entire world is propelled by creative thoughts, passions and expressions that connect the world. That inspire. That provide a fresh vision. That move the world forward. 

Writing is an exquisite way of unfurling that destiny. 

I encourage my fellow writers, and all independent artists, to think of creating that way. You are unfurling a huge destiny.

Never underestimate its power.

After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, I knew writing was my path, so I wrote, produced and directed a trailblazer, Persistence of Vision: The Preview Reel (aka The Magic Lantern) and had the honor of screening it at the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences Theatre. It also broke me financially. But I endured. This was added to my list of books, novel writing, publishing a resource journal (The Media Artisan), and editing for a humanitarian non-profit, also teaching English as a Second Language. This was followed further by the Bluelite anthology on Amazon, Emblem America (all proceeds to St. Jude's Hospital), and my exciting new screenplay project for Summer 2022.


Writing is my passion and it's been a vehicle for rebirth, even Renaissance, in my life and the lives of many, including the countless, wonderful mentors having influenced my journey along the way.

I love the creative process and value the creative interplay and community this inevitably brings. 

That's the artisan's final polish in bringing one's work to the world.

Upon every new creative embarkment, the process has imparted something life-affirming to me: unfurling a fresh, new destiny, bringing to life something that had never existed before. I hope you can be part of this the next time it happens.

Regarding the Juniper Film Club: The current proposal is to feature original works of cinema with one simple qualifier - the message of your film must be to uplift humanity. Spirituality, inner quest, self-giving, charity, and the exquisite beauty of God stirs in our hearts - please share it. 

Screenings will always offer free, sustainably-raised, organic coffee and the discussions between filmmaker and audience will raise the cinematic artform to "sustainable" peace - contemplation - everlasting community. The Juniper Film Club will be the ultimate showcase for new filmmakers. That's my vision.

"Everything can wait. But the search for God cannot wait."

May our message of joyful peace touch our world - without delay.

Michael An'gileo