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"I'm currently working on a game-changing research project, involving America's 21st Century destiny: the United States Constitution, American Freedom and the Word of God. Exciting news is forthcoming!"


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Writing "The Bluelite Message" profoundly changed my life. The cover design is well known, and the story has been read in several countries, including the United States, Scotland and India. I introduced my reoccurring character, Keith Dartman. He's an archetypical protagonist with a redemptive mission in several of my books. Twelve years after the original TBM was published, I issued this updated version in 2024. It's available below.

THE BLUELITE MESSAGE: 12th Anniversary Edition


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I've always believed that a profoundly beautiful story could have a powerful destiny. 

Storytelling and narrative are found throughout the Bible. Even secular scholars hail Isaiah, the prophet who prophesied Jesus, "the Suffering Servant," as a literary giant. This happened 700 years before the fact.

There is a tremendous power in this form of writing. With a qualifier.

The entire world should be touched by the Word of God - and even inspired writings from human beings - but so few hear. Our Heavenly Father's majestic and eternal way is to bring His dominion over every aspect of the Earth - including literature and movie blueprinting - with wholesomeness, goodness, in God's Word and Testament.

On this scale, writing as a vocation - "a calling" - whether it be creating a high school memoir like Godspell BHHS, a movie screenplay, or a series of letters about the United States and her coming Golden Era, I will tackle them all - with courage.

I encourage my fellow writers, and all independent artists, to consider creating that way. You are laying claim to a huge miracle, for you and for others.

Welcome to that marvelous world. Proclaim it in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Do not be afraid, in all that you do, including when taking pen to paper, to glorify His name.

Enter the majestic kaleidoscope of His genius, creation and love for all humanity.

Be blessed,

Michael An'gileo