Michael An'gileo 

Invites you to a place of blessings and of wisdom in America's future. 

"The Cozy Cabin President"  

The Cozy Cabin President

A Series of Letters 

from America's Renaissance future.

by Michael An'gileo


I've always known that a great story has a powerful destiny. 

There is a tremendous power in that. The entire world is propelled by creative thoughts, passions and expressions that connect the world. That inspire. That provide a fresh vision. That move the world forward.  

Writing is an exquisite way of unfurling that sparkling reality.

I encourage my fellow writers, and all independent artists, to think of creating that way. You are laying claim to a huge miracle, for you and for others.

Never underestimate its immense power. May God bless you mightily.

Michael An'gileo 

"Our Lord Jesus Christ is my Light - forever."